Brazilian wax - everything about it

Brazilian wax is a hair removal methods which deals with removing hair in the bikini area . Brazilian wax removes all the hair in the groin and buttocks after appling it you can safely wear a Brazilian thong or Brazilian bottom .

Brazilian wax first arrived in New York in 1987 when Brazilian sisters - 7 established a small business for hair removal. Their hair removal was thorough and professional and it spread quickly first in the states and then and all over the world.
Bikini waxing is different from a normal bikni wax because the hair is removed from the front, the back of your every area in between. Sometimes leaving a thin strip of hair in the front , but most women choose to remove everything.

Brazilian wax treatment is similar to a regular wax or bikini crotch , but since these are more intimate waxing of all genital area in front and behind you'll have to strip at the bottom .

Brazilian hair removal occurs in a private room , you will be prompted to remove your pants and underwear , lie on a table with clean paper or sheets . It is important to get a Brazilian wax treatment with a half inch of hair length . If your hair will be longer in so Igzmo for you hair waxed before .

If your hair is not long enough for the wax will not be able to catch it and send you home and you can come back after a day - two days in which the hair grows .

Then you smear hot wax from the pot with a wooden stick , to stick the fabric strips on the hot wax and pull the strips in the opposite direction of hair growth .

If you wax hurts my hands ask nanny to remove hair smaller areas at a time. Importantly Brazilian hair removal hair removal is thorough ! Do not be alarmed when the therapist will remove the hair inside your ass .

The procedure , like any waxing treatment can be very painful at first, but usually after a few times practicing pain. I heard that there are girls who take an hour before treatment two Advil pills to ease the pain , to me it does not seem logical or effective.

With the rise in public awareness of man's personal aesthetics , considerable stores of the chain increased number of men interested in waxing treatments in general and in particular Brazilian wax . Male population reaching these therapies most diverse young men sent by their partner , older men who want to renew their youth , men engaged in various types of sports ( swimming , biking , gym .. ) and want to feel lighter and the men accompanying spouse spa and and want to try it too.

Aesthetic , it seems that men prefer to be in the hands of female reliability and professionalism . Since this field traditionally dominated by women. Men seek course to be discreet and they come to the spa and treat a relevant and focused. Women tend to relate to the experience as a pastime and can come with friends. The treatment itself is short and fast ( depends on the rate of the patient ) and can be repeated immediately after daily routine . Network yullia spa uniqueness lies in , among other things , conveniently located in the heart of branches and business centers of Tel Aviv's entertainment . Location allows a small leap to the spa and a speedy return to normal. Just aesthetics " on the road " . Branches, offered special services to the population of business people : The financial press , Wi-Fi and laptops - to not have to log off for a moment.
The expertise of a team of caregivers allows very short waxing treatments , no pain and no side effects.